Inspiralized App Reviews

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Great (healthy & tasty) Recipes

The Inspiralized cookbook has dramatically improved the way we eat! The app has more recipes (i.e. Access to the blog). Recipes accessed through "Categories" function are awesome. The apps "Search" function doesnt really, but "Categories" lists most main ingredients so I am satisfied using it that way.

Read B4 you buy

This app is the blog. If you have WiFi on your device and access the Internet, you have the app. If youve signed up for the newsletter, you have the app. I thought Id be able to create a shopping list or some other type of additional functionality. I dont mind paying for content, however, this is a waste of money. Big disappointment.

Love it

I love this app! love that there is nutritional info for the recipes (you dont find that often on non weight loss anything)..the recipes are easy and good and good for you and best of all you use your inspiralizer!! If you have one you need this and her cookbook! This is making a die hard microwaver into someone that can make decent edible food.

Easy recipes at your fingertips except...

I really appreciate having the app handy for recipes however, if the recipe was featured on another blog it does not appear on the app. You have to click through and open safari. Not exactly what I would hope for with the recipe app. Hoping future versions will address this issue.

Wont open any recipe


This app is completely nonfunctional

This app worked for 2 days and then never again. I have had for about 3 months and when it works it is actually pretty awesome, BUT that rare and far between. Until it is fully functioning, do not waste your money!

Doesnt load / work anymore

I was excited to get this app but shortly after I downloaded it, it stopped working. It wont load the main page or anything new ( I can only see a few recipes I initially saved in my favorites). I waited a long time before reviewing, to allow time for the issues to be resolved, but since its still not working I had to give it 1star :( very disappointed to have paid for an app that only worked for a few days.

Blank Screen

Dont buy this app. When you click on a recipe, you get nothing but a blank screen. This is s completely useless app.

Fix your app!

1) absolutely hate this app. I cant even view the recipes. What did I pay $1.99 I love h recipes; very tasty. But the app? Useless I wish I could give it no stars

Do not buy this app.

The website and recipes are fabulous. Truly delicious. I hate I spent money on an app that doesnt work. It either crashes or the link takes you to a blank page. Not cool.

Wont show recent recipes

Older recipes show but when you click on the newer ones you get a blank page. I email myself the link as a work around. For a paid app, I expect better.

Doesnt work anymore!

For some reason this app no longer works. When I open it up, I see the list of recipes but when I click on one, its just a blank page. Very disappointing!

Doesnt work!

I paid for and downloaded this on both my iPhone and my iPad and as yet I have not been able to get one recipe to load. The screen just goes blank. Please release an update or a refund! Its super frustrating and I wish Id read the reviews first!

Doesnt work

Tap recipe and get a blank screen. Wish you could view recipes.

Cant, wont open recipes

Every time I click on a recipe, the screen goes blank...can this be fixed?

So. Many. Bugs.

Love the recipes but the app is terrible. For weeks now, when I click on a recipe I only get a blank screen. Before that, there were tons of other issues (app closing, long load times, etc.). I wish they could figure out the issues....

Stopped working

I used to love the app but now clicking on the recipes only loads a blank screen. Fix please!!


This app does not open recipes. It does not work at all. What a waste of my $

Love the recipes online but...

I just bought the app and sadly it doesnt work! I see a dish I like and tap to open it and nothing happens, every single time. Deleting it off of my phone.

Links to recipe not working

appears that reviews starting 2015 (?) have same issue... when click on link to get recipe, just yields blank page. will update when app fixed. just bought and now very disappointed.

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