Inspiralized App Reviews

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I LOVE this app!

The pictures are gorgeous! I love that I can favorite recipes for later. Im thrilled!

Mobile website

I cant believe I paid $2 for this when its the same freegin thing as the mobile website! It doesnt work offline, same content, ads, newsletter signup forms, etc. i could have created a shortcut to the website on my iphone in 3 seconds, for free. What a freegin ripoff!!

Great inspiration, poor app design

I love the recipes on this app however it is difficult to access recipe directions because you have to scroll down (the ginormous text and pictures) to retrieve them. Please redesign the app soon!! I want to seamlessly search recipes.

Hope for more

So far videos dont work and I am hoping for some exclusive material that isnt available for free on the website or on YouTube.

Doesnt load / work anymore

I was excited to get this app but shortly after I downloaded it, it stopped working. It wont load the main page or anything new ( I can only see a few recipes I initially saved in my favorites). I waited a long time before reviewing, to allow time for the issues to be resolved, but since its still not working I had to give it 1star :( very disappointed to have paid for an app that only worked for a few days.

Wont open any recipe


Love it!!

Thank you for this app! So nice to have some tasty ideas ready and on my phone! <3

Excellent app!

I have been following this magnificent woman on Instagram for awhile and anticipated the app when she mentioned it! Well- it lived up to the hype! I love being able to "favorite" a meal after i read all the yummy ingredients! And that she offers variance for vegetarians like myself! Delicious recipes- easy to use- 2 big healthy cooking thumbs up!

Spiralizer recipes galore!

I love that there is one place to find healthy and yummy recipes to use with the spiralizer!! The app is new so it is basic, but it works. Thanks!!!

Like finding recipes online

I was pretty excited about this app, after reviewing her site. Once, after getting to the first recipe and finding out I would have to click, login to Facebook, go somewhere else and find it, I lost interest. I wasted my 1.99. When the author wants to make it a real app, it will be spectacular.

Healthy noodles galore!

I love my spiralizer and was so excited to find this app. Ive tried a few recipes already and cant wait to try more!

Wife, Mom and Yogi

Love this app! Its clean and user friendly. All the recipes are delicious, even my two picky eaters love the dishes! I love that the app is a continuous feed from the blog :)

Too much scrolling

Lots of long pages that require a ton of scrolling. Needs to be better summarized for iPhone.


The app keeps closing. Cant even use it:-(

Keeps Crashing

Open, wait 2-3 seconds, crash. Rinse. Repeat.

Too difficult to use

The recipes are not easily found. They are either way at the bottom of a very long blog post or you have to navigate to a completely different site. Some even take you to a site where you have to buy the cookbook in order to get the recipe. Useless app in my opinion.


I would easily have given this app 5-stars had the developer 1. Removed all of the blog posts and just left the recipes/categories./search, etc. 2. Removed all references to "videos", as theyre not there. 3. Put the recipes ONLY in the app - get rid of all the blog stuff (#1). And if you HAVE to leave the blog stuff, put the recipes at the top. 4. Deal with the coding errors, i.e. wk_bootstrap();

Bugs bugs bugs

I purchased this app only a couple of days ago-- it was working well, with the long-scrolling issues others have mentioned-- and then today I tried to use the app to cook with, and it either will not open without immediately crashing, or the recipe I am miraculously able to click on gives me a not found on server error message. Hope this is cooked soon so that I can actually cook....


App opens for a couple seconds then crashes. Useless.

Its just the blog on an app

I bought for the recipes because I didnt want to have to use the blog to find something that should be quick and easy. The first recipe I searched isnt even listed. It directs me to the kitchen aid website for a recipe. Whats the point of the app then?

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